The first time I saw him he was in Piazza di Spagna. He wore a hand-made tunic, old sheets held together by string.
«Repent daughters and sons, let ye not look for answers in the phone directory, you are not of this world!»
Now and then he’d throw a pocket New Testament at an American tourist with an interesting bosom.
I moved on.

Four years later he was in Via del Corso, near the sushi guy.
«Adam’s ribs, say no to tobacco, be clean, saith the LORD!»
His sheets and beard were those of a prophet.
«Every time to you inhale you’re giving head to Lucifer, king of falsehood!»
Nobody cared.

When I saw him preaching near school I couldn’t resist anymore and decided to talk to him.
«Who are you? Why are you dressed like this?»
His eyes lit up.
«My name is Gabriel, I was an IT tech, I was bored.»

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