And so somebody broke up with you just after (or before, or during) Valentine’s day?
I bet it was like a movie scene too, at the underground station (it isn’t the Gare de Lyon, but close enough), a part of your life leaving with the train, if only Wes Anderson was there to say CUT (we’re cool like that, aren’t we?).

What to do now? You’re asking me?
There are plenty of fish in the sea, as far as I care you can date yourself a tuna! I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do.

  • Don’t remove Assassin’s Creed, whoever she was she’s not worth it
  • Don’t throw your love letters away, one day you can re-use them
  • Don’t write a song, who are you, Taylor Swift?
  • Don’t post a depressing video on youtube… it’s pathetic!
  • Don’t let the friend next to you steal your pencil whilst writing a story on your experiences (the video is funny, though)
  • Don’t write a story on your experiences (ops)
  • Don’t write a story like (500) days of Summer having the ex you wrote about do the proofreading
  • Don’t watch (500) days of Summer right after you broke up (what? I like that film)
  • Don’t get your blood tested, just to be safe… (Author’s note: this one isn’t autobiographical, others aren’t either, but here I could get sued)
  • Don’t burn your photos, do you have any idea how toxic those fumes are?

And since Moses stopped with #10 too, de hoc satis.

From Tassocrazia website

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