«It wasn’t such a hard day, was it?»
«Could have been worse. Yesterday I was exhausted»
«Yeah, yesterday.»
«Hope it gets here soon, I do.»
«What? The bus»
«Are we waiting? Does it stop here?»
«It should.»
«Soon, I hope. If there was a timetable hope would be useless.»
«Hope is never useless. It makes us go on.»
«You think so? I think we move on because we know no other direction.»
«Are we just pawn? Can’t we aspire to be something more, I don’t know, knights or bishops, if not kings?»
«I’m a realist.»
«Cynic, maybe. But a word is not enough, we’re much more.»
«Are we?»

«Bored? Am I boring?»
«It isn’t coming.»
«Maybe it hasn’t to, today. Maybe today’s its day off.»
«It will come. What can we do?»
«We wait, you said it before, remember?»
«I mean whilst waiting.»
«We could try boredom.»
«Yes, boredom. B-O-R-E-D-O-M. Cause and remedy could be the same.»
«Would you stab the stabbed?»
«If I don’t like him, maybe.»
«Would you stab me?»
«No, it’d be too freudian, even for me. And I’d get stains on my clothes.»
«You wouldn’t get close enough anyway.»
«To stab you or get stains on my clothes?»

«What if we fell in love?»
«Whilst waiting. We could fall in love, you and I. The two of us.»
«I don’t know.»
«We could try. If I loved you, what would you say?»
«I’m sorry.»
«If we were in love, it’d be…»
«It’d be what?»
«It wouldn’t be waiting, at least. That’s for sure.»
«It would be waiting something else. We always wait.»
«What? The end? Or a new beginning?»
«And when it gets here? What do we do when it gets here?»
«I take it and go home. You go home too, you could, you should.»
«And what will I have left of the waiting, of us talking?»
«A nice memory, and it’ll be yours forever.»
«And you? Will you be mine forever?»
«Nothing’s forever.»
«But you just said…»
«Here it comes. See you tomorrow.»

To Laura, and bus 92

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