If, as your ex puts it, you’re so “lame-o” to be single, any decent screenwriter will tell you it’s because:

  • You don’t go to Starbucks every morning, queueing for a muddy thing they dare call coffee
  • You don’t walk your dog in the park or, if you do, it’s too well behaved
  • You don’t read books with interesting covers on the subway (who are we kidding? Either you’re too bourgeois for the subway or you ride with the nannies)
  • You don’t own a small bakery with pastel wall paper, or a 1950s -themed flower shop
  • You look where you’re going
  • You don’t volunteer at a soup kitchen/dog shelter
  • When your friends drag you into a club, you stay still in a corner, without spilling your drink on anybody
  • You are not Joseph Gordon-Levitt

On the other hand you should be dating, according to the same screenwriter, because:

  • You know every romantic comedy filmed in the last three years well enough to write an article
  • You’re really into girls with glasses
  • You’re kinda like the Ruby Sparks or The Perks of Being a Wallflower guy, but in a good way (no shrinks)
  • You’re some kind of artist (if sing in the street and having old people look at you whilst listening to music is a form of art)
  • You write almost only bulleted lists now (everybody loves them, bulleted lists are sexy!)

From Tassocrazia website

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