Jack Giraffe ties his tie and hat, the trench-coat on his left arm with the umbrella, the .38 calibre tea and the semi-automatic lime pistol in his holster.
As usual everything is in black and white, Jack smokes, the secretary smokes, the telephone smokes.

Jack Giraffe leaves his office on the 4th floor of Chicago and a woman in a (grey) dress and pillbox hat throws herself at him and kisses him.
Then she starts crying, sitting on a hydrant, and Jack gives her his tie to wipe her nose and blow her tears.

From behind a street lamp appear 10 of Tony Rat’s boys, perfect in their grey suits with grey stripes, brandishing gats, except the new one, who is still eating his banana.
A car driven by an old man with zero reflexes but perfect timing and gin in his blood saves Jack Giraffe, the woman faints in his (the old man’s) arms.

Jack realises he forgot his lighter, enters through the back window and finds out that somebody slit his secretary’s throat while she was watering the piranhas.
Close-up on the art deco lamp, suspenseful music

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