«a fine giugno maturità e aperitivo a Monti.»
I Cani – Hipsteria

Well, it’s done. I went through that modern rite of passage (ah!, “modern”) they call Maturità (Italian High School finals).
I survived the written examination in a corridor, midday sun shining on your face, and the 5-minutes-per-subject oral examination.
But, most importantly, I survived all the cliché they threw at me (us) during this senior year.
I survived although I did not memorise the year in which Demosthenes said “daddy” for the first time, although I did not bring my very own copy of the textbooks.
I survived without needing coffee made using more coffee instead of water, as journalists say one should in such occasions.
I survived without studying during the night instead of sleeping, although such was the method one teacher suggested all year long to those who complained about excessive homework.

Now according to tradition I should play Fahrenheit 451 with those manuals I will need no more («I’d like sin(60°) of ham, please»), but I think I will just keep them at home, let them be covered by dust.
For, truth be told, the most important thing about this exam is hearing your relatives or dentist tell you about theirs illo tempore, and cheer up your children one day telling them yours.

But I’m really disappointed that nobody shook hands with me after the exam saying: «You are a man now».

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