I suppose I should have written this a long time ago…
Anyway lectures were not a all what I expected them to be.

Bear with me for a second, when I entered this big room with apparently no desks all I could think actually was: «How the heck am I supposed to take notes here? I need to take my notes!».
Then I figured out how to use those things that pop out of your armrest.

Second issue, lecturers.
I was expecting young people — that they don’t use sauropods here I was aware — but that they’d be wearing hoodies? And speaking like men of the street (as my philosophy teacher says)?
I’m pretty sure one of them actually introduced herself using her first name!

(Now if you don’t have friends in Italian universities (or are not an Italian University student with a strange fetish for things written in English) you can just skip last paragraph and laugh at me, or don’t, I’m a piece of text, not a copper)

Now if I may continue, I also had my very first microscopy practical (and I do mean first, I am a blank page, a microscopy virgin so virgin that your olive oil should get tested, in comparison).
What to say?
I’ll just end this here, before I further embarrass myself, and my fingers are tired of typing on a phone waiting for the laundry…

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