As I have written in the past, everybody here is always annoying you about having a good CV, which means you’re supposed to work when you’re not in the lab or something…

To work in the UK you need something called National Insurance Number (its friends call it NIN), that is Her Majesty equivalent of our Italian codice fiscale.
This is my personal experience as an Italian student who asked for one just in case he’ll one day find that special someone who pays you in exchange for something.
(Apparently no one ever notices that I do low cost websites, oh well…)

An Appointment can be taken over the phone, you just have to give some personal details and explain the person you’re talking to that you can only go there on a Wednesday (I actually did not misspell this, hallelujah!). That’s mostly because the nearest job centre plus office is in Chelmsford (why think a city near a university with student union running venues and an internship scheme would have people wanting to work?).

The Letter arrives at your address after a while (the mail always gets on time here, unless of course it disappears), confirming time and date of the appointment, and reminds you to bring a valid form of ID (passport), and proof of residence (bank letter, utility bills, etc.).

The Office in which my interview was held had no visitor toilets. It’s still a mystery to me how they didn’t think I wasn’t a nervous terrorist or a drug addict in withdrawal.

The Interview is simple: you confirm the information you gave over the phone, you give some more and wait forever as they copy your ID whilst your bladder threatens to kill you unless you empty it soon. Nobody had told me that they would ask for the codice fiscale (or other National Insurance Number equivalent from the country of origin) as well.

The National Insurance Number arrives by mail in due time, and it’s nothing more than a 9 characters string.

Considering I did the interview right before Christmas, once again British bureaucracy has proven itself pretty fast, no more than a month had passed when I received my NIN.

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