I’ve lived with you only two weeks, and I must say we didn’t exactly see eye to eye.
Heck, that is a big understatement; I was the intruder, the nuisance, the one violating your house.
You disliked me so badly that even when I tried to befriend you by feeding you, you waited until I wasn’t looking to eat.
You jumped on the piano I was trying to play, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because of my lack of musical skill.
I’d say you hated me, but I think you’d scoff (or meow, it’s the same) and say that you don’t care about me that much.

I’ve lived with you only two weeks, and you never let me pet you.
I actually doubt I would have, you had won — I was indeed scared of you.
And I respected you (not that you would have cared).

I’ve lived with you only two weeks, but I’ll miss you (if you’ll let me).

God bless Sophia, you were the most cat of all cats.

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