Do not fall in love with a writer.
Published,aspiring or unknown, it does not matter.
Do not fall in love with a writer.
The writer lives on nice words, stories to tell.
My soul, do not love a writer;
what use can he make of a person, if not a character?

One who devotes half-written sentences to sensual pleasure,
do not love ever, lest all ends in poetry.

And if you do not know what a writer is, know this:
do not fall in love with one always knowing what to say,
one for wisdom’s various arts renown’d, a golden tongue.

And if it is too late, if the game is over, do not trust a writer.
He will weave webs of words, trap you in a droplet of dew.
If he is good he will write your role.
Do not trust a writer; or do you not know they are all bohemians, alcoholics, drug addicts, insane?
(one who does not tear reality’s veil is not a true writer)

And if you’ll love a writer, pray you are an artist, or a little crazy, dare be his muse.
Close, out of reach.
Or you will be ordinary, boring, replaceable; or worse, the writer will stop writing.

Do not fall in love with a writer, make the writer fall in love with you.

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