I am not the kind of person that writes book reviews; in fact I am the kind of person who stubbornly ignores any reading suggestion and keeps browsing the store for two hours before leaving with nothing new to read.

Sometimes, however, I am the kind of person that says something and then takes delight in doing the exact opposite. Which is why nobody will be surprised when I say this: today I am going to talk about a book.

My dear friend Audrey Ward is a United Methodist minister in California, and one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Now she’s also a published author.

Hidden Biscuits is an amazing book, one that does not fit neatly in any genre. It’s a memoir, yes, but it is also full of history (of the people, not kings and presidents) and anthropology. It’s also a book about faith, but not one of those cheesy bumper-sticker things that gets produced into a film with about the same level of acting as Christian Mingle: the movie.

Hidden Biscuit is the story of a very young Audrey, the daughter of an evangelist during the golden years of Christian Revival in the United States.
(Yes I know you have no idea of what any of that means you heathens, so let me rephrase that.)

Hidden Biscuit is the story of young Audrey, the daughter of an itinerant Christian preacher during the post-world-war-two years in the US, a time when people would fill tents just to listen to preachers, Bible stories and music, and would often experience dramatic (and sometimes short lived) conversion experiences.

Now young Audrey was her father’s secret weapon, a girl with an amazing voice (and curls, and dresses and all things nice) whose singing moved people almost as much as the evangelist’s sermons. And with her mother, father, and sister they drove around the United States, always on the move, always preaching and singing.

I know nothing of rural Southern United States in the 1940s and 1950s, but Audrey’s compelling story telling made me see and feel what that little girl saw and felt years ago, with childlike awe and cheerfulness.

A must read.

Cover of Hidden Biscuits book

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