I enter the classroom, there are 32 teens. On the first row I see 5 miniskirts, 2 fishnet stockings and 3 pairs of underwear (Armani Jeans, bien sûr).
I hear 3 gums being chewed More »

They say your first time is special. They say your first time is the most magical. More »

Hermeticism, a modern form of poetry, beautiful, really beautiful.
My three readers will surely have loved reading Cuttlefish Bones, dreamt of slump[ing] at noon thought-sick and pale…
Everybody else will have had fun playing with its name, have you ever talked of emetic-ism?
Today, dear literature lovers, I’ll introduce you to a masterpiece of modern writing which, far from being stomached by plain mortals, is being widely successful amongst book clubs, doily clubs, and pickle clubs.
Today, dear readers, I’ll present you the Modernist metermetism, with an unpublished story by Kuttl Feeshbons, “Back from school”. More »