We all know how things go: you go to San Lollo one evening, just to unwind after a difficult week, you drink a few manly cocktails with promising names (Cosmopolitan, Blue Lagoon) and you start apologising to the chairs you trip over (it’s not your fault: whoever furnished that pub didn’t think before creating a rat maze…), anyway you are not drunk, nor inebriated, let’s say you’re tipsy. And your tongue gets a mind of her own, and you say things like More »

If, as your ex puts it, you’re so “lame-o” to be single, any decent screenwriter will tell you it’s because: More »

And so somebody broke up with you just after (or before, or during) Valentine’s day?
I bet it was like a movie scene too, at the underground station (it isn’t the Gare de Lyon, but close enough), a part of your life leaving with the train, if only Wes Anderson was there to say CUT (we’re cool like that, aren’t we?).

What to do now? You’re asking me?
There are plenty of fish in the sea, as far as I care you can date yourself a tuna! I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do. More »