Full title: “Dialogue with the Prefrontal Cortex, that is what makes humans human (or so they say)”.
Might have been published on Tassocrazia, or maybe not, I can’t remember. Maybe I was so scandalising (and crazy) that I was not published.
As Laura (the Tassocrazia editor in chief) recently said: “You were too avant-garde for them” (the readers).

«Good evening, dear Brain»
«Good evening, dear Rama» More »

She (Amanda) loved sports, he (Antonio) loved sitting down.
She ran and jogged in Villa Borghese, he hobbled and gasped to get bus 360.
She drank Gatorade and ate energy bars, he ate paninis and drank Coke.
(«Chiasmus!», cried the writer, interrupting his own story)
She was beautiful, but maybe she didn’t know, he never cared about his looks.
(«Enough antithesis for now», he said, interrupting the narration again)
(«No more interruptions, ohshit I did it again!»)
Anyway, you get it, they had nothing in common.
Good, let’s continue. More »

We all know how things go: you go to San Lollo one evening, just to unwind after a difficult week, you drink a few manly cocktails with promising names (Cosmopolitan, Blue Lagoon) and you start apologising to the chairs you trip over (it’s not your fault: whoever furnished that pub didn’t think before creating a rat maze…), anyway you are not drunk, nor inebriated, let’s say you’re tipsy. And your tongue gets a mind of her own, and you say things like More »

If, as your ex puts it, you’re so “lame-o” to be single, any decent screenwriter will tell you it’s because: More »

And so somebody broke up with you just after (or before, or during) Valentine’s day?
I bet it was like a movie scene too, at the underground station (it isn’t the Gare de Lyon, but close enough), a part of your life leaving with the train, if only Wes Anderson was there to say CUT (we’re cool like that, aren’t we?).

What to do now? You’re asking me?
There are plenty of fish in the sea, as far as I care you can date yourself a tuna! I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do. More »

«Τί γάρ; Πᾶς ἔρως ὁ ἔρως;»
«Πάνυ γε»
This would say Socrates if he wanted to start an article on the topic we’ll consider.
Is every love love? More »

You all know that we’re super excited about the fund-raising for our conference on homophobia.
And since funds do not raise themselves, someone must dress himself all elegant, like a Bible seller / Jehovah witness, and go around moving people and opening their wallets.
So here I am Sunday morning in suit, tie, tiepin and fedora (and other pieces of clothing indispensable not to get arrested for indecent exposure but that one needn’t to list) deciding to enter whatever church I can find on my way back home, trying to move some vicar to compassion. More »

Experiment: go to the 1920s, take a tram, say out loud:«We spent the night together!». Watch the reaction.
Go back to present day, on a bus, shout:«Yes, we had wild sex, with handcuffs». No reaction, except the two nuns.
That’s it, isn’t it? If we speak scandal at the very best we give a fat reverend a stroke, it’s a nice manslaughter, but ordinary people don’t care. More »