Three kinds of people go to a photography exhibition: those who stay 15 minutes in front of each photo, and then can tell you exposure time ISO and printing method, the ones who see a poster in the street and say: “Oh, a Doisneau exhibition, whoever he is I want to see that”, and people who follow the aforementioned hoping to find a (soul)mate.
That’s why the three of us wrote this review of Paris en Liberté (at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome) together. More »

Let’s be clear: my name isn’t Ortis or Werther. I didn’t even read those books, to be honest. What should be clear already, though, is what this letter (or sorrow?) is about.
In the 19th century people were all about suicides. The guy, the German (told you I didn’t read the book) who shoots himself because he isn’t loved back and is buried under a linden tree, etc.
Committing suicide for love is stupid. Did I say that? Yes, I did. You do not blow your brains out for the first floozie, you channel everything in painful fantasies or meaningless sex, NO BULLETS, bad boy! More »

Hermeticism, a modern form of poetry, beautiful, really beautiful.
My three readers will surely have loved reading Cuttlefish Bones, dreamt of slump[ing] at noon thought-sick and pale…
Everybody else will have had fun playing with its name, have you ever talked of emetic-ism?
Today, dear literature lovers, I’ll introduce you to a masterpiece of modern writing which, far from being stomached by plain mortals, is being widely successful amongst book clubs, doily clubs, and pickle clubs.
Today, dear readers, I’ll present you the Modernist metermetism, with an unpublished story by Kuttl Feeshbons, “Back from school”. More »

Those that, like me, have gone through that period of their scholastic career which teachers say to be the hardest of the quinquennium, aka il ginnasio, will know that the most repeated sentence in primo liceo, after “this is not il ginnasio, now things get difficult” (sweet contradiction!), is “now you need to find a study method”.
That’s, as the title suggests, my topic for these columns.
Let’s start with a question: what’s a study method? More »

When somebody, an “outsider” who can’t understand, asked me why I was doing all this for the newspaper, I did not know what to say.
I asked myself. Then I forgot. Today, whilst I was looking for a topic, I remembered and understood.
I had always thought that behaving like a cat, when possible, was the best thing to do. I was looking for some kind of feline ataraxia, a way to live happily my life, with detachment but without privations. More »

Somebody might remember 168, the small newspaper which had a good reputation in the Acciavattian Era.
Well, I don’t, not because I spent a year or two always studying, like a robot repeating with metallic voice “Studere studere!”, but because our poor periodic was already dead when I got here. More »