Could I ignore the fact that nobody in Italy seems to know Rupert Brooke? I could not, so I translated the following poem. More »

Growing tired of English to Italian translations, aren’t you? This one is by Charles Bukowski, here’s the original text. More »

By C. Cavafy. More »

In the Italian version of Simosito this was a translation of a poem by Carl Sandburg. Here you can find the original, I’m a nice person. Wink wink. More »

By C. Cavafy. More »

Simosito’s first Valentine’s Day! How to celebrate? With another translation, it’s tradition!
Catullus, Poem VIII. More »

Sorry again, this was an English to Italian translation on Simosito, John Keats wrote in English, you know… Anyway, here’s the original text. More »

Here’s another poem by the Greek author Cavafy, here’s a translation from a language of which I only know the grandfather. More »